I’m Failing My Classes and Haven’t Told My Parents…Now What?

Written by Marc Lehman

Owner and Founder of U ARE HEARD LLC

It can be tough admitting that you’re not doing as well in college as you’d like (or as your parents expect). Maybe you took a few too many challenging classes, or maybe you just didn’t study as much as you should have. Whatever the reason, if you’re currently failing one or more of your college classes, it’s important to take action quickly. The sooner you address the issue, the better your chances of salvageable grades—and avoiding having to tell your parents.

Step 1: Talk to Your Professor(s) ASAP

Your first step should be to reach out to your professor(s). They may be able to give you some insight into what is causing your struggles and how you can improve. There may also be opportunities for extra credit or other assignments that can help boost your grade. However, even if there’s no magic solution, it’s important that your professor(s) know what is going on so they can support you in any way possible.

Step 2: Create a Plan to Boost Your Grades

Once you’ve talked to your professor (or professors), it’s time to create a plan of action. This may involve studying more, attending office hours, or meeting with a tutor. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you’re actually willing and able to do—otherwise, you’re likely doomed to fail. And if possible, get started on this plan right away. The sooner you start making an effort to improve, the better your chances will be.

Step 3: Talk to Your Parents (If You Haven’t Already)

Depending on how far along in the semester you are, you may need to tell your parents about your struggles sooner rather than later. If grades have already been posted online or sent home, they’ll likely find out eventually regardless of whether or not you say anything. However, if possible, it’s best to take the initiative and tell them yourself—that way, you can put a positive spin on the situation and show that you’re taking steps to improve. Of course, this step may not be easy, but it will be much easier if you’ve already taken care of steps 1 and 2.

If you’re struggling in college, it’s important to take action quickly. Talk to your professor(s), create a plan to boost your grades, and talk to your parents (if necessary). The sooner you address the issue, the better your chances of salvaging your grades—and avoiding having to tell your parents.