Going to College is Filled with UNKNOWNS

Written by Marc Lehman,


College is often hailed as a time of growth and opportunity. But amidst the lecture halls and late-night study sessions lie hidden battles with mental health that many don’t see coming. A staggering 60% of students find themselves facing mental health issues during what’s supposed to be the “best years” of their lives.

Why this stark statistic? There are several reasons. From the pressure to succeed academically and fit in socially, to the challenge of managing finances and living independently—college life is a perfect storm for anxiety, depression, and more. Add to this the exploration of one’s identity, and you’ve got a vortex of stress that’s hard to stand against.

Even more alarming, 12% of students nationally on college campuses have contemplated suicide—a number that cannot and should not be ignored.

It’s vital to get ahead of the curve. Being proactive, seeking support, and talking about these issues can be life-saving.

For parents, most have not thought about these pressures.  Most don’t know the statistics.  Most simply think going to college is similar to when they went.  The landscape has changed dramatically and the stakes are much higher.

The pressures students feel for many different reasons lead to a struggle to succeed.  Most think they know what’s coming….Many students don’t know how to study.  Many don’t know how to make new friends. Many don’t have a tool to be organized.  So many end up overwhelmed, isolated and not enjoying their transition to their new school.

Are you or is someone you know heading to college? Don’t wait until the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Go to www.uareheard.com to schedule an intake with us. Because your mental health can’t and shouldn’t be an unknown.