About Us

About U Are Heard Coaching and Emotional Support


We are unlike any other support system out there.

In the latest Executive Coaching Survey by Stanford, about 35% of leaders in high-stress positions (CEO’s, for example) receive active coaching to make the best decisions they can and have a second set of eyes and ears, and that number has been on the rise in the past five years.

So why not start as a student?

Going away for school, often leaving home for the first time ever, is one of the most difficult transitions a young adult will experience, and it can take a toll. Stress is abundant, anxiety is common, and depression can easily set in if you’re not talking about it.

Learn more about U Are Heard, a unique coaching and emotional support service for struggling college-aged students and their families. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Our Coaches

Our coaches have a variety of certifications in psychology and/or mental health, and our intake process is intuitively designed to target which coach is the best fit for each student.

Our Rates

We believe that seeking support shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive. We’ll work with you on a variety of options that will accommodate your needs.

Our Process

During your intake you will discover that we make it as easy as possible to schedule between classes or during library breaks.


Our intake process allows us to identify which coach within our team we believe best matches each student.

There are a variety of factors – personality, gender preferences, current experiences, backgrounds, and more. But not to worry – we understand life coaching is a personal process, and not every coach is a perfect match for every student 100% of the time. We work with you throughout your experience with U Are Heard to create the best possible outcome. 

Our goal is to find you in a place where you no longer need us – call it a bad business model, but we’re sticking to it.