Nikki Rafala


Life throws us challenges almost daily and we aren’t always equipped to deal with them ourselves. My approach for therapy and clients is to work with a spirit of acceptance and enthusiasm, expecting to learn from your strengths and aspirations, your relationships and relevant past experiences as they contribute to your current difficulties.

Establishing a strong therapeutic relationship where you feel comfortable is crucial for a successful psychotherapy process. In this process, I provide my professional knowledge and input to support you in overcoming the barriers to enjoying a fulfilling life.

Over the years I have worked with children, adolescents and adults from various nationalities presenting with a wide range of psychological problems, including depression, anxiety, ptsd, complex traumas, addiction and LGBTQ issues. I provide individual, family, marital and group psychotherapy.

I utilize CBT, DBT, talk therapy and narrative therapies among other modalities to offer the best clinical individualized treatment.