Jennifer Yang


I hear you!

It is not easy being your age in this complicated world. You face questions about school, friends, families, sports, clubs and almost emerging adult identity and responsibilities.

I am a LCSW from University of Chicago having over two decades of experience working all ages, backgrounds, learning styles and personalities. My approach is eclectic, interactive, strength- and solution-focused, which may include social skills training if/when needed.

Born and raised in two (2) countries, I am bilingual in English and Mandarin. I have moved 13 times, traveled to nine (9) countries, lived in seven (7) U.S. states and counseled people from 17 countries, my personal and professional life journey helped me gain insights and sensitivities to seeing you as individuals. Currently, I am raising two teens to help them navigate and find themselves.

My goal is about empowerment to allocate your own comfort and style to face challenges within your current environment. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Let’s gain a glimpse into your journey together while enlisting additional resources and support along the way.

I look forward to listening to you.