Christy George


My name is Christy George and I’m excited to join the team at U ARE HEARD.  As a mother of two children who are both full time students living on campus, I have an empathetic perspective of the challenges of college life (trying to make new friends, academic demands, social pressures, uncertainty of direction, etc.)  As an empty nester, I also have an empathetic perspective of the challenges that accompany parenting from a distance (the worrying, difficulty letting go, trying to trust their judgement, praying for their safety, etc.)   The journey beyond high school can be tricky, especially so when a student’s life experiences may have included trauma or stressors beyond their control.  My work with youth and families in the foster care system over the past 25 years has taught me a lot about relationships, resilience, and the inherent power that exists within us all to be the best version of ourselves.  I embrace a strength-based, solution focused approach to counseling (and life in general, actually).  I am intentional about showing up each day being hopeful, positive, and grateful.  I truly believe that anyone can create the life they desire with the right resources, support, and guidance.