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Schedule a Free Intake Session Now

Do You Need To Talk?

College is hard and sometimes you don’t know where to turn. 

If you need someone to listen, we’re here for you.

Do You Need To Talk?

Let me help you get ahead of your anxiety during this uncertain time, when everything seems beyond your control.

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Marc Lehman Avon, CT

My name is Marc Lehman. I am an outpatient Family Therapist and Coach from Connecticut specializing in working with teens and young adults both in high school and college. I founded U ARE HEARD several years ago as a result of many students not getting the help they needed. We see students virtually, which makes our approach more appealing to a young adults. With many away from school campuses currently, online coaching can be an accessible option.

If you or your student needs someone to speak to, we are here for you.   The abrupt shift many students have experienced recently has been challenging for many.  U ARE HEARD is a way to connect with coaches online from the privacy of your home.  This will allow for social distancing and some assistance. 

We are offering a free 10 min phone consult to learn more about how we at U ARE HEARD can help you.  To make an appointment simply choose a day time or evening option.  This appointment will be with myself and will be no cost to you.  

Thank you and I hope to speak with you soon.

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Are you or your student feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed by college?

Did You Know…



adults experience anxiety before they turn 22.



of college students’ anxiety affects their academic performance.



the number of students per counselor at a university.